Thursday, February 3, 2011

Books, Homework, Mile

Ugh. What a long week. On Tuesday I went to guitar practice and I learned a lot of hard stuff that I don't think I can do. So I'm getting extremely unmotivated. I guess I have to practice more... I've only practiced twice this whole week...

Both Tuesday and Wednesday night I fell asleep doing my homework. Both nights I started homework at around 9pm. FAIL. Today I started at 11pm. Lol. And I'm slacking... right now it's 11:59 pm and I've only done one assignment. But this time I'm sitting up so I don't fall asleep.... -.-;

I'm currently 67% through Dicey's Song! Then I will read I am #4 for my bookclub. By the way, I just have to mention that I actually, for the first time in my life, won a book! It was a giveaway from goodreads, and the book is Emily and Einstein. I think it's a more adult-ish book so I'm giving it to my mom to read. :3

Today we ran the mile. It was my first mile in 10 weeks or so, and after I couldn't breath and my throat was so sore from breathing too hard. So whenever I cough or laugh it hurts. :( I got 8:04 for the mile, which isn't bad.. since my record is like 7:40. :)

I have had my contacts in for 70 hours or more, since I fell asleep both nights I didn't have time to soak my contacts in solution. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Both Tuesday and Wednesday night I fell asleep doing my homework.
    So me every time I do my homework, no matter the time of day. XD