Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On "Uglies" - Importance of Individuality

I was assigned a research paper (4-6 pages long) about a theme or issue shown in 2 or more works by the same author. I chose to do the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld. Here's a sneak peek at my paper:

If the time should come for our society to transform to one similar to Tally’s, then we should question ourselves before doing anything irreparable: Do the bad things in our life really outweigh the joys that perfection would disable? Shay, another pivotal character in Uglies, shows her views about the operation towards Tally:

“Or maybe when they do the operation- when they grind and stretch your bones to the right shape, peel off your face and rub all your skin away, and stick in plastic cheekbones so you look like everybody else- maybe after going through all that you just aren't very interesting anymore.” (goodreads.com)

If perfection “fixed” every bad aspect of our lives, would there still be value in the good things, or would they just be considered normal things?

Opinions? How do you view this subject? Thanks!

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